TraceMy.Mobi is a mobile phone location service and telemetry platform.


Table of contents

  1. About us
  2. Mobile devices
  3. Web interface
  4. Misc.

About us

What is the history of TraceMy.Mobi?

TraceMy.Mobi was launched November 2008 as a joint venture by a group of information technology companies, including New York Information Systems (NYISI).

Where is TraceMy.Mobi headquartered?

Although TraceMy.Mobi is a Delaware corporation, TraceMy.Mobi is headquartered in New City, NY, a suburb of New York City. However, the TraceMy.Mobi software can work anywhere on Earth with cellular phone coverage.

Mobile devices

Can I track a cell phone that does not belong to me?

You can only track a device on which you can install and configure the software. This does not necessarily mean you must be the primary user of the device. For example, businesses can use TraceMy.Mobi to track phones given to drivers, or parents can track phones given to their children. Installing the TraceMy.Mobi software on a device without the knowledge or consent of the user is prohibited if it is illegal in your jurisdiction.

What mobile devices are supported?

Currently, any GPS-enabled mobile device running Windows Mobile 5 or above.

Web interface

How can I retrieve a lost password?

At this time, we do not support lost password retrieval. Contact TraceMy.Mobi customer support for assistance.

What is a ping?

If configured to do so, the TraceMy.Mobi mobile software will periodically send the location of the device to our servers, at a time interval defined by you. However, if the periodic updates are disabled, or if the update period would cause a significant wait, a ping can be sent to 'wake up' the device, if supported, and force the TraceMy.Mobi mobile software to send its current location.


How can I sign up?

At this time, we are not accepting new users, however, this will change very shortly! Please subscribe to our email newsletter to keep updated.